Energy Consultations for Businesses

From time to time, a member business may have questions about high energy usage.

Or maybe a business just wants guidance on best practices to conserve energy.

Our key accounts executives are available to not only answer questions about what might be causing the high use, but also to visit the business to review possible solutions.

If you notice a significant change in your energy usage, please be prepared to provide specific information about your concerns: when you noticed a significant change; any modifications that might have occurred prior to the change; or any updates on production times, schedules or equipment workload, for instance.


David Johnson pictureDavid Johnson, Key Accounts Executive
(Caroline, Essex, Goochland, Hanover, King and Queen
King William, Louisa and Spotsylvania counties)


Josh Johnson picture Josh Johnson, Key Accounts Executive
(Frederick, Clarke, Warren, Rappahannock, Madison, and Greene counties)

Rich Mialki image
REC Energy Adviser Rich Mialki is availalbe to work with small businesses in REC's service territory.       


Rich Mialki:
Serving small businesses throughout REC's service territory

Phone: 540-891-5824