How Your Power is Restored

After a major storm, REC line crews must identify which equipment, poles and lines have incurred damage. Very rarely, but occasionally in the case of a major storm, transmission lines can be damaged. When that happens, tens of thousands of members could be affected by the transmission outage.

Substation1. High voltage transmission lines feed power to REC’s distribution substations. These substations serve thousands of members. If there is no damage done to transmission lines, the local distribution substations are checked by REC first. If the issue is isolated and can be resolved at the substation level, that means thousands of people can get their power restored at once.
Photo: Distribution Substation

Circuits2. If the outage is beyond the substation, crews patrol the major lines, called circuits, that carry power to communities and businesses. When the circuits are repaired, power can be restored to hundreds of members along those lines.
Photo: Major line, Circuit

Tap Lines3. Tap lines carry power from the circuits into smaller communities, developments, and individual homes and businesses. REC crews identify which lines to work on first based on which repairs will restore power
to the greatest number of members in the least amount of time.
Photo: Tap Lines to Homes

Have you ever lost power only to look next door and see the lights still on from your neighbor’s window? When this happens, it generally means that the service line between your home and the nearby transformer has been damaged. If this happens, call REC right away so they will know you are still off and can dispatch a crew to your home.

Power restoration can be a tricky business.
If you lose service in your home or neighborhood, please remember the following:
• Stay clear of downed power lines. Contact with these lines could be life threatening.
• Report the outage to REC as soon as possible.
• Be sure to inform REC if you see damage such as a fallen tree or broken pole.
The Cooperative appreciates your patience and cooperation whenever an outage occurs.


Outage Restoratoin