REC Earth Day Poster Contest

When REC teaches students about electric safety and energy efficiency, presenters usually walk away from the classroom hoping they've made a difference.

To find out what students know, REC started the Earth Day Poster Contest in 2016. For the second annual poster contest, REC partnered with Cedar Forest Elementary School's fourth-grade classes and Yowell Elementary School's third-grade classes. Nearly 300 third- and fourth-grade students, who live in Spotsylvania and Culpeper counties, drew posters exploring themes including renewable energy, recycling, planting trees and much more.

"The students had such a fun time creating their posters," said Sarah Ramey, Cedar Forest Elementary School's art teacher. "They all worked so hard on them and I think they all turned out great!"

Once the posters were ready for judging, they were collected and delivered to REC's Bowling Green and Culpeper offices, where the winners were selected.

REC is proud to offer this program. It offered the students another way to learn a valuable lesson, while partnering with the community to do so. It's this experience that was unique, according to Cedar Forest Elementary School principal Amy Williams. "We are so thankful REC offered this contest to the school. And we are appreciative for the time they took to provide the program and judge the posters. It was a very positive experience for the school."

Congratulations to all of the students!

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