Energy Advice

Keeping your home as energy efficient as possible can save you money year round. REC's online energy use tools, professional energy advice, or energy-efficient improvements to your home can help.

Professional energy advice

REC's professional Energy Advisers offer the choice of a personal phone consultation to answer questions you may have about your energy use, or an in-home visit.

Phone Consultations: Ask our Energy Advisers questions directly and work to resolve the issue
by phone

Energy Advice: REC's professionals visually inspect the home and offer retrofit recommendations.

To speak with an Energy Adviser, call 800-552-3904.



Online Energy Tools  

REC's online energy tools are a great way to analyze your energy use and start lowering your energy bills. Use tools in the Home Energy Suite, which also contains Billing Insights, which will allow you to generate a chart like this one:
Energy Use Chart

Analyze your energy use with the My Usage tool in MyREC SmartHub.
My Usage Image