A power surge is a short burst of extra energy or brief period of insufficient energy. These brief variations in the flow of energy can damage electrical devices, especially sensitive electronic equipment, and result in equipment damage or failure. Surges can be caused by events such as lightning, trees contacting power lines, vehicle accidents, or activities inside the house. Surges can travel along power lines, as well as telephone and cable TV lines. They can also be caused by the starting and stopping of appliance motors within the home.

SurgeAssist is REC’s newest electronics protection program in our HomeResources line of member services and helps address failures caused by surges. SurgeAssist covers surge-related issues that affect most home electronics and appliances, including refrigerators, HVAC, well pumps, TVs, microwaves, computers, washers, dryers, stoves, and wall ovens.

You are eligible for the program simply by being a member of the Cooperative with residential service.

SurgeAssist provides:

  • Low cost – SurgeAssist costs only 20 cents a day.
  • Peace of mind – Anytime you experience a surge-related situation, we will cover the cost of repair or replacement of the claim, up to the $2,000 coverage amount.
  • Satisfaction – We have created SurgeAssist to provide an easy, satisfying resolution for your surge-related issues. If you are not happy with the service, you can discontinue it at any time.

To enroll in SurgeAssist, use our online form.

*** Protection under the program starts thirty (30) days after the first payment is received. ***


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SurgeAssist FAQ

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