Reducing Energy Use

Extreme cold temperatures can create an increase in the demand for electricity. In some situations, the increased demand could lead to a strain on the electric system resulting in widespread or local power shortages. When this occurs the voluntary reduction in energy use by members of REC can maintain the reliability of the electric system.

  • Extreme Temperatures
    Extreme cold temperatures increase energy use.
  • Substation
    Increased energy use can
    put a strain on the electric
  • Unplug
    We need your help. Unplug.
    Turn off.






If REC requests you voluntarily reduce your energy use, this is what you should do:

• Turn off or discontinue the use of appliances like clothes washers and dryers, dishwashers and other electric devices during the voluntary reduction period.

• Avoid or discontinue using hot water so that the demand for your water heater is reduced.

• Set the thermostat down 3 degrees.

• Turn off and unplug electronics such as computers, TVs and DVD players.

• Turn off lights.

• Avoid charging electronic devices such as cell phones, tablets or laptop computers. Unplug your power chargers.

• Avoid or discontinue the use of stoves, ovens, other appliances or machinery.

If enough demand for electricity is not reduced, the next step is to begin rotating service interruptions among members due to insufficient supplies of electricity.

Once the voluntary reduction period ends, to avoid overloading your main breaker you can turn items back on, one at a time as needed, in 15 minute intervals.

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Visit MyREC SmartHub to take control of your energy use with the My Usage tool.

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