Green Energy Certificates

At REC we are looking for ways to help you go green. In addition to energy saving ideas, we offer Green Energy Certificates for purchase by members.

To help promote the use of renewable energy sources, like wind and solar, various regional systems are being developed that divide renewable electricity into two parts: the electricity that actually makes its way into the power grid and the environmental benefits of the renewable power source.

For each megawatt-hour (equal to 1,000 kilowatt-hours) of electricity generated by a renewable energy facility, an administrative agency issues a certificate as proof that the power came from a renewable source. The certificate is then offered for sale as a way to subsidize production of electricity from green sources.

Through the premiums they pay, those who purchase either delivered green energy or certificates are supporting the renewable energy industry and encouraging further development of environmentally-friendly power generation. And for those who cannot obtain green power in their area, the benefits are the same: generation from sources with greater environmental consequences is replaced by generation from sources with fewer effects on the planet.

REC's program
Delivered green power is currently unavailable in large quantities to REC and is often cost prohibitive. But the Cooperative wants to help members go green now rather than waiting for delivered products to become available.

REC will purchase large quantities of one megawatt-hour certificates and then make our Green Energy Certificates available to members in smaller, more affordable units of 100 kilowatt-hour blocks. There is no markup on the Green Energy Certificates. They are sold at cost.

Members may choose to make a one-time purchase of Green Energy Certificates or arrange to purchase a set number of certificates each month for a twelve-month period. The price will be the same each month for that one year purchase commitment, even though the prices of certificates added to REC's inventory during that period may fluctuate.

Both one-time and per-month purchases will be reflected on your electric bill.

The current price of our Green Energy Certificates is 45 cents per 100 kWh certificate. The source for these certificates is a biomass (clean wood) generator in the greater Mid-Atlantic region.

Order your certificates online.

For more information send us an e-mail or call 800-552-3904.