Net Metering

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Net metering allows REC Members to interconnect approved renewable generation systems to the electrical distribution system and to generate some of their own electricity. The output of the renewable generation system offsets the electricity that would have been delivered by REC. Common examples of net metering installations include solar panels on a home or a wind turbine at a school.

These installations are connected on the member's side (the usage side) of the meter. The meter will rotate forward to measure electricity being used from the grid, and it will reverse when the customer generates excess electricity (thereby “exporting” electricity to the electric grid). The sum, or "net," of the forward and reverse rotation is the volume of electricity (kWh) to be billed or credited to the monthly bill.


Maximum Sizes

For individual standard residential net metering applications, the maximum generator size is 20 kW. The individual maximum allowable generator size for those on nonresidential tariffs is one megawatt (1000 kW).

The state of Virginia allows REC members to install net metering capacity based on REC’s peak annual load and the threshold differs between residential, non-residential, or non-jurisdictional customer classes. See below for the available NEM Capacity Available: As of September 1, 2020:

Total Residential Capacity Available (kW) 16,251
Total Nonresidential Capacity Available (kW) 8,378
Total Nonprofit & Non-jurisdictional Capacity Available (kW) 22,902



House uses 1500 kWh – Renewable Generator produces 1000 kWh = REC will bill the member 500 kWh for that month.

House uses 500 kWh – Renewable Generator produces 1000 kWh = REC will bill the member 0 kWh for that month and will carry forward a 500 kWh credit to the next month.




When considering installing a Net Metering system, members should carefully review and understand the Net Metering Virginia Code.

Net Metering Contact at REC

E-mail the REC Net Metering Team for questions regarding Net Metering.

Net Metering

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PLEASE NOTE: The Notification form should be submitted before construction begins. The Certification form should be submitted after county inspection approval.

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