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There's no equipment to buy, permits or hassle. All the solar power is generated right here in Virginia! We are making it easy to participate and support renewable energy.

iconCommunity solar is available in 50 kWh blocks.*

iconStart small. We recommend 1 to 4 blocks.

iconNo minimum enrollment.

iconIncrease enrollment or cancel at any time.

*If you buy four blocks you pay $56 more per year. Subscriptions to solar rate blocks are subject to availability.

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kWh generated by Solar
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Learn more about solar generated right here in Virginia!

Q. Why did REC get involved in community solar?

A. Many REC members have shown interest in renewable energy and through Cooperative Sunshare, participants can support the development of solar energy in Virginia.

Q. Doesn't REC get some of its power through solar energy?

A. Yes. But this program gives you an opportunity to support more solar energy without the upfront costs of solar panels.

Q. Where does the solar power come from?

A. Locally from Clarke County Solar Farm in White Post, Virginia, and the Cherrydale Solar Farm in Northampton County on Virginia's Eastern Shore.

Q. How does the solar power get to my house?

A. The solar electricity purchased on your behalf will go directly into the power grid, displacing (or replacing) electricity generated by traditional sources. By participating in this program, the member is supporting REC's increased use of renewable energy.

Q. How much money will I save?

A. It's slightly higher than traditional power sources.
If you buy 4 blocks you'll pay $56 a year more.

Q. Why should I enroll in this if it doesn't save me money?

A. Some members are interested in solar power but cannot afford or choose not to install rooftop panels. This allows them to support renewable energy without the expense or hassle. It's similar to recycling. You may not make money from it but it's a way to do your part in helping the environment.

Q. If I buy 4 blocks, will it be the same amount on every bill?

A. Yes. Members have the same designated amount assigned to them each month.
4 blocks will be 200 kWhs on the bill – regardless of weather. (the rate per kWh is the same)