REC Members Elect Peers to Lead Co-op

August 16, 2018

REC members selected three of their peers to serve on REC’s Board of Directors. More than 6,400 members participated in the election by returning their Proxy Designation Card or attending the meeting Aug. 15 at the Fredericksburg Conference Center.

Region II director and chairman of the board, Christopher G. Shipe, and Region III director and vice-chairman of the board, Darlene H. Carpenter were unopposed and were re-elected by acclamation to serve a three-year term representing all members of the Cooperative.

In Region VIII, three candidates ran to represent REC members: William C. Frazier, Eric T. Paulson and Douglas Y. Webb. William Frazier was re-elected to serve another three-year term on REC’s Board of Directors.

“This is one of the most important benefits of belonging to an electric cooperative,” said Christopher G. Shipe, REC’s chairman of the Board. “Your board members are members of the cooperative, just like you. We live in your communities. Our kids and grandkids go to your local schools. We volunteer with local groups, and we care just as much as all of our members do about receiving safe, reliable and affordable electricity.”

REC’s President and CEO, Kent D. Farmer shared a thorough report with the membership. He noted REC is taking steps to ensure business continuity well into the future and to embrace technology by continuing to offer online tools and mobile apps that provide easy access to electric account information. In addition, he noted REC’s focus to maintain reliability through system improvement of the electric system.

During his remarks, Farmer announced a new program that will launch in September for members interested in solar energy. Farmer said, “REC has launched the Cooperative Sunshare program to make it easier for all members to embrace clean, renewable solar power. Through Cooperative Sunshare, members can purchase blocks of solar power from REC without installing a solar system at their homes.”

Members can learn more about the new program on the cooperative’s website at Farmer also discussed REC’s plan to serve members who own or plan to own an electric vehicle by collaborating with state and local officials to make charging stations available around the area.

Farmer noted the co-op’s true values can be found in its commitment to the communities it serves. Each year, the co-op participates in over 200 local events throughout REC’s 22-county service territory.

“The communities we serve are the backbone of everything we do,” Farmer said. “We believe in doing our part to help schools, emergency groups and nonprofits, because we are all in this together. Your communities are our communities.”

At the Annual Meeting, members had the opportunity to ask questions to Farmer and Shipe. A recurring topic for the evening was how REC can support making broadband in rural Virginia a reality.

Farmer explained that REC is installing a fiber utility network to ensure the technology is in place to support the electric infrastructure. REC can and will partner with local governments and individual businesses by giving them access to REC’s fiber network to serve members in rural areas.

Through the night, REC’s Board and Farmer echoed that REC is committed to staying focused on the issues important to the cooperative’s members and that allow REC to continue to deliver the best service possible.

REC’s Annual Meeting for the members occurs every August. Learn more about the Annual Meeting or watch the livestream recording of the event at

REC provides electric service to over 167,000 connections in parts of 22 Virginia counties. With its general office in Fredericksburg, Va., the Cooperative operates and maintains more than 17,000 miles of power lines through its service area, which ranges from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the tidal waters of the Chesapeake Bay. For more information about REC, please visit Follow REC on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.