Hurricanes Are Brewing: The Time to Prepare is Now

Aug. 30, 2019

You haven’t met Melissa, Nestor or Wendy, and trust us when we say you don’t want to.

Each of those names is waiting to be tagged to a hurricane this season, which runs through the end of November. While Virginia has avoided a direct hit from a hurricane in recent years, even a storm centered hundreds of miles away can cause significant damage – including long-term power outages.

So while REC crews always stand ready to respond to storms big and small, member-owners are urged to prepare their families – and their homes – for the potential of a major storm as well. While warning times and forecasts have improved, there’s no better time to prepare than well before a major storm arrives.

Does your family have an emergency storm kit? Have you discussed an evacuation plan and a meeting place? And what about your pets?

It starts with a flashlight and batteries. Here’s a sample of what else to keep on hand:

• Cash - ATMs and card readers might not be working.
• Supply of bottled water (one gallon per person per day).
• Nonperishable foods that require no cooking – and a manual can opener.
• First-aid kit and medications.
• A list of emergency - and REC - phone numbers.

To view the full list of emergency items to keep on hand, please visit

Other steps you can take now:

• Bookmark REC’s website to report an outage or to find the latest on restoration efforts. You also can sign up to receive Outage Text Alerts: You also can report an outage in MyREC SmartHub.
• If someone in your home requires electricity for a serious medical condition, identify an alternate location with power that you can rely on during an outage.

"REC and its crews stay prepared all year for the potential of a major outage, such as one caused by a hurricane," said Casey Hollins, director of communications and public relations for REC. "We urge our member-owners not to wait for a forecasted hurricane or dire warnings: The time to prepare is now."