3rd Party Text to REC Members

July 2, 2019

REC is aware that some members have received text messages from a 3rd party on behalf of the "REC Reform Candidates." These messages were not sent, endorsed, or facilitated by REC. The messages and any positions stated or claims made are those of the candidates. It is the position of REC's management to not endorse or advocate on behalf of any candidate for election to the board of directors.

REC takes very seriously the responsibility for protecting our members personal information. Upon request, REC is required by law to provide to a candidate for the board of directors a list of members and their mailing addresses. REC, however, does not provide candidates a list of phone numbers, email addresses, or account information.

If you have concerns about a text message you have received referencing candidates for election to the REC board of directors, please know that the messages are being sent independently of REC; that REC has no control over messages or their content; and REC has no legal authority to prevent the text messages. Any concerns or complaints about the messages should be expressed to the sender.