Statement in Response to Letters Regarding Proxy Designation Forms in REC Offices

July 16, 2019

REC respects and is always responsive to the concerns of its members. Unfortunately, certain members continue to make untrue allegations about the governance processes of the cooperative at an extensive costs to our membership. Recently, two members sent letters to REC’s board of directors, CEO, and the media and posted on social media complaining about REC’s long-standing policy of making proxy designation forms available to member-owners when they visit an REC office. Their complaints led to a recent story in The Winchester Star. It is interesting that two people who have filed suit against the Cooperative, in what they term as an effort to “increase democracy,” are now complaining that REC is encouraging co-op members to exercise their rights to participate in the annual meeting and director elections.

REC is simply reminding members who visit our offices of the upcoming annual meeting, which assists in meeting the quorum requirements under REC bylaws. Thus, if a member wishes to submit his or her proxy designation card at our local offices, REC is offering a convenient means of doing so. Again, there is no encouragement provided as to whom the proxy should be assigned or for which candidates the member should direct their proxy vote be cast.

Blank proxy forms are not allowed to be taken from the office. If a member does not wish to complete the proxy at the time of his or her visit, the member can complete and mail the original proxy that was sent with their July issue of Cooperative Living magazine, complete the proxy online, or return to the office at a later date and complete a proxy card at that time.