Member-Owner Questions Answered During Live Telephone Town Hall

June 26, 2020

On Thursday, June 25, REC hosted a Telephone Town Hall event. REC invited a random sample of member-owners to participate in the call. .

Kent Farmer, president and CEO, and John Hewa, chief operating officer, answered questions live during the event that lasted just over an hour. At the conclusion of the call, 34 voicemails were left for follow-up questions.

The topics members asked about were solar power, electric rates, energy efficiency, broadband, reliability and Cooperative Sunshare.

REC hosts these opportunities for member-owners to be able to ask questions directly to our president and CEO. Over the next week, members who did not have their questions answered live and those who left a voicemail will receive follow-up calls from REC's management team and others.

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Listen to the recorded call here: