My Usage on MyREC SmartHub


Log in to your MyREC SmartHub.

If you need help setting up your MyREC SmartHub page, check out this helpful guide or watch this video.)

In MyRECSmartHub, click on the blue My Usage tab.

My Usage Image

Review the three tools you can use to analyze your energy use: Usage Explorer, Usage Comparison and Average Usage.

My Usage Tools Image

How Usage Explorer works 

You will see a graph with green bars representing months over the last year The black bar shows the average temperature. You also can add the high temperature and the low temperature.

To view the use for a specific day, simply click on the bar for that day, and you will see the hour energy use for that full day. To return to the previous screen, click on the orange Daily Usage button You also can download this data to your own computer by clicking the green button below the chart.

Usage Explorer Image

How Usage Comparison works

This tool allows you to compare months of energy use side by side. You can go back and compare any month you would like to another.

Usage Comparison Image

How Average Use works

With the Average Usage tool, you can generate reports showing the time of day, day of the week or monthly for a specific date range.

Average Usage Image