Ruud Ultra Series Hybrid Electric Water Heater

  • Energy Star
  • 73 percent more efficient than a standard electric water heater!
  • Uses Heat pump technology to pull heat from the surrounding air and transfer it to the tank and traditional electric elements
  • Reduces operating cost by approximately $400 annually compared to a standard
    50-gallon electric model.
  • Exclusive Water Leak Detection & High Pressure/Temperature Alerts are sent straight to your phone, so you can avoid potential property damage due to a leak.
  • Quieter than other brands. Engineered to dampen noises and vibrations.
  • Delivers hot water faster than most traditional standard electric water heaters
  • Installs like a standard electric water heater with the same water and electrical connections.
  • Limited 10 year warranty.


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*** In some cases, additional work, not covered by the standard installation, may be necessary to meet code requirements. ***

Ruud Ultra Series Hybrid Electric Water Heater Image