Outstanding Service From Caring People

A note from CEO and President Kent Farmer

Kent FarmerI am pleased to welcome you as a new member and owner of REC.

Being a member of one of the most progressive Cooperatives in the country, you now have the opportunity to participate in its governance and share in its success.

Your Cooperative has a proud history of providing reliable electric service to rural areas throughout Virginia that were once considered too costly to be profitable.

Today, even as many of those communities have grown to be regarded as suburban, we remain committed to providing reliable electricity. For over 75 years, REC has built its reputation on four core values:

Service: Our goal - that your electricity is available 100 percent of the time - is our priority; however, should weather conditions or other circumstances make outages unavoidable, our rapid response system gets your power back on as soon as possible.

Integrity: We endeavor to be honest and straightforward in all transactions. We strive to have our actions match our words and to deliver genuine value to members like you.

Caring: We go to extraordinary lengths to meet or exceed your expectations, because we genuinely care about you.

Respect: We honor each person as a unique individual. We also recognize our responsibility to be ever mindful of the impact our actions will have not only today but also tomorrow.


Kent Farmer Signature

Core Values