Managing Peak Demand

Throughout the hot summer months, REC experiences days when electric use is in peak demand.
Those days are typically Monday through Friday between 4 and 6 p.m. Use these tips to help you find
ways that you can reduce your energy use during these peak days. This effort helps REC manage
the rising costs of electricity.

AC SwitchSmart Response AC Switch Program

Get comfortable with energy efficiency, and help keep REC's energy costs down. Enroll and receive a one-time credit of $25 on your electric bill.


Water Heater ControlWater Heater Control

Keeps electricity affordable for all members.

Winter ThermometerEnergy Tips

In warmer months, you can make changes around your home to reduce energy usage and save money.

Urgent SituatoinUrgent Situations

Here's how to reduce your energy use during urgent conditions.