Cooperative Sunshare


Cooperative Sunshare gives REC members the power to embrace even more clean, renewable energy.*

Through Cooperative Sunshare members may purchase 50-kilowatt-hour (kWh) blocks of solar energy

icon A 50-kWh solar block is $5.33, plus delivery costs. The price for solar blocks will remain fixed for 3 years and are not subject to generation charges, including power costs adjustments or other riders

icon To avoid purchasing more solar energy than needed, purchase no more than you would use in any one month

iconParticipants may cancel or modify subscriptions at any time without penalty. Only one modification is allowed within a 12-month period


*A small portion of all electricity supplied by REC is generated at solar facilities in Virginia.

Subscriptions to solar rate blocks are subject to availability.



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You get all the benefits of solar energy without any onsite equipment or maintenance. In this voluntary program, any residential member, regardless of whether they own their home or rent, simply purchases "blocks" of solar energy.

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