Water Heater Control

When you participate in REC's FREE Water Heater Control program, you'll help your Cooperative save money and these savings get passed onto members. REC buys electricity for our members and the price of electricity varies according to when it is purchased and how much demand there is for electricity at that time. When demand is high, the cost of electricity is also high. Pariticipants in the Free Water Heater Control program allow REC to manage the energy use of their electric water heaters so that demand is reduced during peak times. The impact of 28,000 members water heaters using less energy during high peak times saves money for REC and our members. In exchange, your Cooperative provides free repairs to the electrical components of the water heater.

Controlling Your Water Heater
It starts when a trained REC technician comes to your home and installs a special switch on your water heater. This switch detects signals sent from your Cooperative either by radio or through the power lines. These signals tell the switch when to turn off the flow of electricity to the water heater and when to return it normal operations.

The switch does not impact the performance or life expectancy of your water heater.

Storing Energy
You will rarely, if ever, notice any difference in water temperature. Since water heaters store energy in the form of hot water, Cooperative members seldom notice any changes. In addition, most water heaters have tanks that hold 40 or 50 gallons of water, which usually provide enough hot water for use during the control period.

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Free Parts and Labor
Once enrolled in the program, you'll receive free repairs to your water heater's electrical components that include replacement of heating elements, thermostats and reset buttons.

Repairs Are a Phone Call Away
If you ever notice problems with your water heater, simply call REC at 800-552-3904. A trained technician will be dispatched to your home to identify the problem and make repairs to the water heater's electrical components at no cost to you.


Water Heater Replacement
If the tank is leaking, or the water heater is beyond repair, the technician can arrange for a replacement unit to be installed by one of REC's approved plumbing contractors.

You can even arrange for low monthly water heater payments on your electric bill. Learn more about water heater replacements.

*Financing available for REC members only.