Power Line Safety

Follow these safety tips if you encounter a downed power line:

Power Line SafetyIf an overhead line falls on your car, as a result of an accident, know you are safe as long as you stay inside the car.

If you must exit the car, jump, being careful not to touch the car and ground at the same time.


Power Line SafetyRealize that a tree trimmer, metal ladder or other object can extend your reach dangerously close to overhead lines.

Never trim or remove trees near overhead lines. 

Avoid planting new trees where they might grow into an overhead line.


Power Line SafetyTeach your children never to climb trees near overhead lines.

Never use electrical tools if your hands or feet are wet or if you are standing on damp ground.

Look up and check clearance from overhead lines in all directions before installing an antenna, or before using a metal ladder.


Power Line SafetyAlways fly kites and model airplanes away from overhead lines. 

Use only non-metal string or cord to fly kites and model airplanes and never use metal to construct a kite.

If a kite or model airplane gets caught in an overhead line, never attempt to retrieve it. Call your utility to remove it.


Power Line SafetyIf you see a broken or fallen overhead line, assume it's "live" and call your utility as soon as possible.

When making plans to erect new buildings, like grain bins, locate them a safe distance from overhead lines.

Always bring tall farm equipment to its lowest level before moving it.


Power Line SafetyKnow that utility poles, fences around electric substations, and transformers on the ground are "off limits" to everyone.




Power Line Safety