Smart Meters

REC’s Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) sends signals carried across the power lines to provide meter readings used for billing, to identify power outages and to even provide personalized energy data for members.

By using AMI to read meters remotely from the office, REC has avoided $1.8 million in on-site meter reading costs, as well as reduced employee exposure to hazards associated with physically visiting each meter each month. The ability to read meters from the office has also eliminated the need to estimate usage, which used to be necessary when severe weather or bad road conditions prevented traveling to each meter location.

Additional benefits of AMI include:

  • The ability to read a meter on demand, such as when an account needs to be transferred from one member to another.
  • A smaller fleet of REC vehicles.
  • Fewer miles driven by REC employees, which saves gas, reduces exposure to traffic accidents and lowers REC’s carbon footprint.
  • The ability to read meters on a daily basis instead of only once a month.
Smart Meter