The Smart Grid

Innovative Technology Bridges Gap Between Members and Cooperative

REC was one of 100 utilities to receive a federal Smart Grid Investment Grant to carry out projects designed to enable members to make energy-efficient choices.

Advanced Metering TechnologySmart Meters

Smart Meters send signals across power lines to provide meter readings used for billing, to identify outages and to provide personalized data for members.

Improved Outate ResponseImproved Outage Response

When power outages occur, smart grid technology helps REC identify outage locations and helps enable crews to find outage locations faster.


Innovative Tools and Payment OptionsInnovative Tools and Payment Options

REC has introduced tools providing relevant and timely information to assist members in understanding their energy-use patterns



Demand ResponseImportant Future Role

REC is committed to serving members with a smarter grid made possible through the effective use of technology.


Meter Image