System Inspections

REC uses ground patrol and aerial patrol as techniques to discover potential problem areas.

Inspections often find the following types of problems:

  • Pole tops weakened by woodpecker holes
  • Damaged insulators (e.g. insulator broken or flashed over)
  • Blown arresters
  • Damaged or deteriorating conductor
  • Loose or broken hardware (e.g. damaged crossarms, bolts that have loosened, broken crossarm braces)
  • Dead or leaning trees that could fall and contact the line
  • Debris on wires or poles (helium balloons, dove decoys, trash)
  • Obstructions/encroachments within the right of way
  • Any activity within the right of way that may endanger the public
  • Trees that have fallen and may block urgently needed access to the lines
  • Storage of items within our right of way that could potentially be blown into the lines during high winds
  • Deer stands within the right of way or attached to poles

Aerial Inspections