Once you have signed up for this service, you will no longer need to wonder how much you will spend per month on electricity. When you start, your Budget Billing payment amount will be based on the monthly bill average over the previous 12 months. That amount will be reviewed each spring and fall, and it will be adjusted to reflect any changes in total charges during the previous six months.

To sign up for Budget Billing, your current bill must be paid by the due date. Please note that Budget Billing amounts may be periodically adjusted if your account accumulates a large credit or debit balance. Any balance (either money owed to you or money you owe to REC) will be carried over and averaged into the new budget amount.

Budget Billing is free. To enroll, call 800-552-3904 or send an e-mail to office@myrec.coop.


REC Announces Net Bill Reduction in 2021

Thursday | January 21, 2021
REC has announced a net decrease to REC member-owners’ electric bills.
REC has promoted Daniel Dewey to director of operations and construction for the Cooperative’s Eastern Region. 

Beat Winter At Its Cold Game

Thursday | January 7, 2021
REC provides important energy efficiency tips to help you save money.