REC's Board of Directors are member-owners, and are elected to work on behalf of the membership as a whole. Directors are elected at the Annual Meeting of the members and serve three-year terms. Director qualifications are listed in REC's Bylaws, Article IV, Section Each year, at the Board of Directors organizational meeting the Board determines the executive committee - Chairman, Vice Chairman, Treasurer, and Secretary.

Notice is provided annually to the Cooperative's membership regarding the Board of Directors nomination process for the annual election. Nominations for Directors shall be made by written petition executed by twenty-five (25) or more members who are in good standing with the Cooperative. The Secretary shall make nomination petitions available at all REC offices.

The Board of Directors is responsible for policy development related to governance and oversight and directs the President & Chief Executive Officer in accomplishing the objectives of the Cooperative.

Member democracy shapes the future. Your Cooperative is a democratic organization controlled by the member-owners, who actively participate in the election process. Thus, directors are elected representatives who are accountable to the membership. REC’s entire leadership team is committed to good governance and wise decision-making.

Michael W. Lindsay
Vice Chairman
Region I

Christopher G. Shipe
Region II

Sanford Reaves, Jr.
Region IV

Randy Thomas
Region V

Linda R. Gray
Region VI

J. Mark Wood
Region VII

Eric Paulson
Region VIII


As a member-owner of REC, you have a say in its leadership. The Annual Meeting is open to all member-owners of REC.


REC's Board of Directors meets regularly to guide the Cooperative on critical decisions. At every step, the Board keeps member-owners top-of-mind.


Contact your Board of Directors, we look forward to hearing from you.


REC's executive team is committed to ensuring all of the Cooperative's members receive great value through the delivery of safe, reliable, affordable and sustainable energy solutions. In addition they aim to ensure that REC remains efficient and focused on adding value to the membership as well as the communities we serve.

John D. Hewa
President & Chief Executive Officer

Larry Andrews
Chief Administrative & Finance Officer 

John Arp, P.E.
Chief Engineering & Grid Operations Officer 

Peter Muhoro, Ph.D.
Chief Strategy, Technology & Innovation Officer 

Tracey Steiner

Tracey Steiner
Chief Engagement & Consumer Officer

Whitney Watts

Whitney Watts
Assistant Secretary to the Board & Executive Assistant


Tosh Bowe

Tosh Bowe
Managing Director
Administrative Services/Controller

Lee Brock

Leesetta "Lee" Brock, P.E.
Managing Director
Engineering & Power Supply

John Crawford

John S. Crawford
Managing Director
Safety, Physical Security & Operational Support Services

Brian Doherty

Brian Doherty
Managing Director
External Affairs

Patricia Hatcher

Patricia Hatcher, MS-HRM, PHR, SHRM-CP
Managing Director
Human Resources & Organizational Development

Casey Hollins

Casey Hollins, CCC
Managing Director
Communications & Public Relations

Shawn P. McDonough

Shawn P. McDonough, PMP
Managing Director
Regional Operations

Maxie Rozell

Maxie Rozell
Managing Director
Regional Operations

Marc L. Seay

Marc L. Seay
Managing Director
Information Technology & Cybersecurity

 S. Kris Sieber

S. Kris Sieber
Managing Director
Member Services


REC is ready to respond to any storm-related outages.

REC: Prepare Now for New Winter Storm

Friday | January 14, 2022
REC continues to closely monitor the weather forecast for a storm predicted to affect our service territory Sunday into Monday.
Just over 100 REC member-owners remain without power after devastating Winter Storm Frida knocked out service to more than 98,000 homes and businesses...