REC Electrical Services offers professional electrical work beyond the meter, that is, inside the customer's home. This includes service work, outages due to failure of customer-owned equipment and installation and troubleshooting of electrical circuits.

Electrical Work Beyond the Meter

  • Upgrade service from 100 amp to 200 amp
  • Replace service entrance cable
  • Replace existing house service panel
  • Lighting/ceiling fan installation
  • Electrical inspections
  • Back-up generator transfer switch installation

Generator Transfer Switches

Homeowners are purchasing portable generators in record numbers to power critical appliances such as furnaces, pumps and refrigerators during a power outage. That's why REC Electrical Services offers generator transfer switches that make it safe, quick and convenient to connect your portable generator to your home's electrical system. Because the transfer switch is installed at the electric meter on your home, it eliminates the need for multiple extension cords or a separate electrical panel.

REC DOES NOT SELL PORTABLE RESIDENTIAL GENERATORS, but we will assist with sizing the generator based on load requirements.

How it Works

First, during a power outage, turn all breakers off in your breaker panel(s) except for the main breaker(s). When you connect a portable generator to your generator transfer switch and start it up, the switch automatically disconnects your house from the electric utility grid. This prevents the possibility of back feed, which can damage equipment and harm utility personnel. Because the generator transfer switch is designed and rated to connect directly to standard household electric service, all you have to do to operate a critical appliance is flip a breaker on in your household breaker panel once the generator is connected and operating.

This transfer switch gives you full access to all your circuits, so you can rotate circuits as your needs change during the day. When REC power is restored, an indicator light on the switch will light up. This lets you know that power has been restored. At that time, turn off your generator, the transfer switch will automatically connect you back to REC, and then you can turn all of your home's circuit breakers back on.


Generator Transfer Switches are available in two different load and capacity sizes, and prices include installation and a 40 foot cord to connect the generator to the transfer switch.

  • $1,350 - loads up to 12 KW (30 or 50 amp cord)*

Generator Transfer Switches are available for larger generators. Please call for additional information and pricing.

REC accepts payments in the form of check, money order or credit card. If you meet REC credit requirements, we can include the cost of your transfer switch on your electric bill in monthly payments with down payment.

*Prices subject to change without notice.

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