Whether a power outage affects everyone in your neighborhood or just the line delivering electricity to your home, Individual Outage Notification (ION) notifies REC's dispatch center. That means, even when no one is at home, we know when there is a power outage and may be able to restore service before the loss of electricity impacts you. It's maximum peace of mind for just pennies a day.

Peace of Mind

Customers love the ION service for a variety of reasons. Some depend on electricity to operate critical medical equipment. Others travel often or have vacation homes and want to make sure the electricity stays on when they’re away. They all agree the peace of mind provided by the ION service is well worth its cost of 10 cents per day. The ION system does not guarantee uninterrupted power, nor does it mean you receive special preference when there is an outage. It does mean that even if no one is at your location, REC will be aware of your outage and may be able to address it before it impacts you.

24 Hour Support

The ION system uses special equipment to communicate with the meter at your location and to verify the presence of electricity. If an outage is detected, REC’s dispatch center, which is staffed 24-hours a day, seven days a week is automatically notified. The information is evaluated and service crews are dispatched as needed.

Affordable & Convenient

This valuable service is available for only $3 per month. For added convenience, the charge is added to your monthly REC bill. (Prices subject to change without notice.)


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