REC is All About the Louisa Business Buzz
Date Published
November 30, 2020

REC is primed for economic growth. Connected by various major interstates, railroads, airports and state roads, REC is well poised for success. To support the businesses that REC serves, the Cooperative works with a variety of partners to grow the region's economy. 

One way REC takes an active role in supporting local businesses is by participating in events hosted by local chambers of commerce. On Nov. 10, REC participated in the Louisa County Chamber of Commerce's first Louisa Biz Expo & Developer's Showcase. 

REC's human resources department set up a table with information for the job fair, while John Hewa, President and CEO, and Felicia Ainsa, Director of Economic Development, provided a virtual presentation during the Developer's Showcase. 

Titled "We Are REC: Meeting the Needs of a Growing & Diverse Membership," Hewa and Ainsa shared highlights of energy solutions underway by the Cooperative that are beneficial to the Louisa community. From topics on reliability and system improvements to clean energy and technology, initiatives are designed to benefit business-owners and consumers. With REC's renewed focus in the economic development arena, the Cooperative will strengthen relationships across the area now and well into the future. 

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