REC Nears Completion of Outage Restoration
Friday | June 24, 2022

REC has restored power to nearly all of the members who experienced power outages from storms on Wednesday. The hardest hit area, northern Culpeper and Fauquier counties, will be restored by Friday evening.

Crews continue to discover substantial tree-related damage in northern Culpeper and the Orleans, Warrenton, Catalpa and Clevengers areas of Fauquier County. Many large trees uprooted or broke in the vicinity of power lines, breaking dozens of poles and crossarms.

As of 2 p.m., just under 360 member-owners remained without power. 

At this point there are many individual locations of damage that serve a small number of members. In some cases, the work, time and equipment that is required to restore power to one house is the same as restoring power to many.

Every location of damage will be assigned a crew today. If members notice a later time than when they actually reported their outage on the outage map, it is because their individual outage was part of a larger outage where damage was repaired. Sometimes once damage is repaired, additional damage is discovered down the line and then that damage needs to be repaired.

Work has to be done in a sequential manner. The line in a member’s backyard or blown fuse may not be the only problem. The more serious damage may be far from the member’s home. Main lines must be repaired before individual tap lines leading to members’ homes can be energized. 

“For those still without power – we know how frustrating and uncomfortable this has been and greatly appreciate your patience,” said Casey Hollins, Managing Director – Communications & Public Relations. “You have not been forgotten. Crews will keep working tirelessly until every single member has power restored.”

REC Crews Make Repairs in Fauquier after Severe Storms

storm damage



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