Summer Fun & Safety: Beware of Boat Dock Dangers
Wednesday | June 15, 2022

Summer is almost here and that means it’s time for some fun in the sun. If you head out to the lake or beach, REC has a few tips to keep in mind when near boat docks. 

“When you’re out having fun, you might not have safety on your mind,” said Casey Hollins, Managing Director – Communications and Public Relations. “We encourage members to keep safety top of mind while enjoying the summer weather.” 

Whether at home or on vacation, boating, fishing and swimming can be fun ways to enjoy the great outdoors. REC recommends that you don’t swim around docks with electrical equipment or boats plugged into shore power. 

Outdated wiring and lack of proper safety equipment can cause situations where electricity “leaks” into the water. As the saying goes, “If you feel a shock, swim away from the dock.” 

If a person is in the water and feels an electric current, that individual should shout to let others know, try to stay up right, tuck their legs up and swim away from anything that could be energized. Do not head to the boat or dock ladders to get out – if possible, swim to shore. 

If you see someone who you suspect is getting shocked, don’t immediately jump in to save them. Throw them a float, turn off the shore power connection at the meter base and/or unplug shore power cords. Try to eliminate the source of electricity as quickly as possible, then call for help. 

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At REC, the safety of our employees and member-owners is always our top priority. 
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