This program was created to assist member-owners who have a serious medical condition. Its goal is to provide adequate time prior to the termination of electric service to either enter into a payment arrangement with REC or make alternative arrangements for medical care.

Eligibility & Requirements

“Serious medical condition” means a physical or psychiatric condition that requires medical intervention to prevent further disability, loss of function or death. Such conditions are characterized by a need for ongoing medical supervision or the consultation of a physician. A serious medical condition carries with it a risk to health beyond that experienced by the majority of children and adults in their day-to-day minor illnesses and injuries. Individuals with a serious medical condition may require administration of specialized treatments and may be dependent on medical technology such as ventilators, dialysis machines, enteral or parenteral nutrition support, or continuous oxygen. Medical interventions may include medications with special storage requirements, use of powered equipment, or access to water.

Program Guidelines

The SMCC program does NOT guarantee that a member’s electric service will not be interrupted or disconnected. Services may be restricted so that only the medical equipment will operate at the location if payment is not received by the due date. During an outage situation, REC makes every effort to restore power as soon as possible to all member-owners. However, the possibility exists that you may be without electric service for an extended period when there is major damage to the electrical system. For this situation, you may want to obtain an alternate power source such as a generator.

In the event of an outage, the Cooperative will attempt to contact you by telephone (7 a.m. – 10 p.m.) if we believe the outage will last longer than five hours. As well, the Cooperative will attempt to contact SMCC participants by telephone if we are planning an outage for equipment repair.

If you are interested in the SMCC program, please download and complete our Serious Medical Condition Certification Form or call 800-552-3904 and request an application be mailed to you. Have your doctor fill out the appropriate information and sign the form. It is your responsibility to mail the completed form to us. Once the information has been verified and approved, you will become a participant in the SMCC program. If your situation changes and you no longer need the SMCC service, please notify us so we can update our records.

Please submit the Serious Medical Condition Certification Form by mail or by fax:

Rappahannock Electric Cooperative
Attn: Serious Medical Condition Coordinator
PO Box 7388
Fredericksburg, VA 22404-7388

Fax Number: 540-891-5943


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