In the Weeds about Vegetation Management

We were in the studio for a conversation with Cindy Musick, Director of Vegetation Management for REC about their vegetation management program. We talked about how & why they schedule their maintenance; how it works & who the people are in the trucks and on the front lines for clearing right-of-ways. We discussed how many of those on her team are certified arborists and foresters; some strange things she’s seen in her travels to member properties; and even learned about how members can acquire wood chips from their local maintenance crew.

The Benefits of Trees: Tree Line USA

We were in the studio with Cindy Musick, Director of Vegetation Management for Rappahannock Electric Cooperative. Our conversation included an explanation of the Tree Line USA program, REC’s continued & recent recognition, as well as a brief chat about how trees and their proper care factor into our everyday lives.

Click here for more information about the Tree Line USA program:


REC Announces Net Bill Reduction in 2021

Thursday | January 21, 2021
REC has announced a net decrease to REC member-owners’ electric bills.
REC has promoted Daniel Dewey to director of operations and construction for the Cooperative’s Eastern Region. 

Beat Winter At Its Cold Game

Thursday | January 7, 2021
REC provides important energy efficiency tips to help you save money.